Family Law

The Beck Law Office maintains a comprehensive family law practice that works on a variety of case types. Whether large or small, simple or complex, they are a part of your life and we can help you navigate them and reach a comfortable resolution. 


Few couples anticipate their marriage ending.  The dissolution of a marriage is a significant life step involving numerous legal issues that can seem impossible to navigate amongst the flood of emotions. 

Whether your divorce involves property division, spousal maintenance, or if there are children of the marriage, The Beck Law Office can help guide you through this difficult process and help minimize your emotional and financial costs during separation and divorce.

Child Custody

In Indiana, child custody is determined by the “best interests” standard. This "best interest of the child," is not black and white or easily evaluated.  Given the unique and specific facts of each case, the court must determine what custody arrangement would be in your child's best interest, whether that be awarding custody to mother, father or both parents.

Intertwined with, though separate from, custody of the child, is parenting time. Indiana family law courts use the “Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines,” to guide their evaluation of the custody and parenting arrangements that are in the best interest of your child. The IPTG provide a baseline for “parenting time” or visitation rights of non-custodial parents in Indiana.

The Beck Law Office represents both mothers and fathers who have separated from their co-parent yet must come together for the sake of their child(ren).


Paternity is the legal route by which a father is given both rights and obligations to his child. Based in the child's best interest, Indiana family law favors the inclusion and fostering of relationships with the child and both parents. 

If you have had a child out of wedlock, whether you are the mother or father, you may need to file a paternity action to establish the father's parental rights and obligations to the child. The Beck Law Office can guide you through this process of establishing paternity.

Child Support

Along with parental rights comes a host of parental obligations, including child support. 

The foundation upon which the Indiana Child Support Guidelines are designed, consistent with the provisions of Indiana Code Title 31, is intention to provide the child the same standard of living he or she would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved or had the separation not been ordered. The duty for child support and educational support placed upon parents takes into account many different factors, including  their financial resources and needs, the physical or mental condition of the child, and the child's educational needs.

You may need to speak with a family law attorney regarding your child support concerns. The Beck Law Office can help you establish child support orders, enforce child support orders, and modify child support orders

Other Family Law Services

As families become more diverse and non-traditional, the law evolves to address their needs. Whether you require a guardianship for a minor child or an adult loved one, or you are considering adoption, or you need a name change or simple estate planning, The Beck Law Office can provide the legal advice to ensure you are protecting yourself, your family, and your future.

If you do not see your specific legal needs listed here, please call The Beck Law Office. If we can't help you, we can find you someone that can.